Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday marked the 4th week anniversary since my surgery. I'm home now, recuperating, taking it easy despite my "terrier-inclinations" to run, jump, bark and attack anything that moves. I've been told to "sit." And it's tough. Really. But it's about all I can do. And that's just what I was doing at 3pm, when down the road came a parade of cars.....

"But what to my wondering eyes should appear,"
"But a yellow school bus, and a school staff, so dear!"

They regaled me with carols, a basket overflowing with gifts, many hugs, and they "ooh'd and aah'd" at my incision, which I showed them as discreetly as I could. (PG rating; sorry).

What a group! What colleagues! What elves!
I am, indeed, one blessed woman!

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