Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today was the last day in Bremen. We started at the crack of 10 with another slim breakfast. John only had one helping of eggs, bread, jam, bacon, orange juice, and assorted treats. We ate with Bill and Linda. Roz and Linda decided on a day of art and shopping. They began by taking photos of the lobby, set out for another reception.

Then it was off to the museum where they ran through all 5 floors only to decide they needed to shop. The Shnoor was waiting. They found pins and scarves. Soon the two hour tour had turned into a five hour extravaganza, topped by Linda's capture of a taxi back to the hotel.

John in the meantime, had found the missing parts of St. Peter's that he and Roz had previously missed. He took photos of the excavations and implements used back to the 1000's. Pretty tame, but at least he felt useful. They had their last night at the Hofbrau restaurant, no live music, but a wonderful time with Bill and Linda, to end their German adventure.

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