Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
We had another quiet day today. We did nothing spectacular, other than a haircut and a trot downtown for a Hummel Hunt. The haircut was successful. The hunt wasn't particularly so. The most walking Roz did was around the Hollersee (the Park Pond). John hit the Schnoor one more time.

While hoofing around the Hollersee, we saw an unfamiliar duck, swimming in the other direction. John made an attempt to get his picture, but the back end was the only side showing, until Roz stuck her hand out like she was holding some bread. EVERY duck in the pond came swimming. We got our photo opportunity, but the apparent lack of bread gave the ducks every reason to say, "QUACK!!"

While Roz got a hair cut, John was hoofing around city center. He photographed some more examples of German ingenuity and frugality. These city seats were made from discarded railroad wheels and axles.

The recuperation goes up and down; good day, then a much slower one. But the overall progression is good! The heavy medications have been abandoned and pain management is much less stringent than before!! So we're doing well.


Flicka said...

So do you thing that Mom could lift these in her 3 times a week weight lifting routine?

sheri said...

John and Roz,
I heard you're on your way home. We're so glad things went well, and looking forward to your return. Missed you at the Tea Roz.