Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, Nov. 21th

Today has been a quiet day. Perhaps that's because it started rather late in the morning for us, as John had been up all night "worshipping the porcelain goddess." He thinks it was something he ate. He narrowed it to the meat from the sandwich he had, because that's the only thing different he had than me for dinner. I'm praying that it WAS food poisoning and not flu, because I'm not sure I could perform the aerobatics he did, leaping from bed in a single bound. It now takes me several rolls and attempts before my feet hit the floor, and then a good deal of grunting and puffing. John didn't leave the room all day, nor eat anything, although he tells me he's better. I went to breakfast alone around 10am, and met Barbara and Logan, another couple from Stenum. They joined me for breakfast, and invited me to tea in the lounge later in the afternoon. Jennifer and I walked the grounds earlier in the afternoon, after failing to make the treadmills in the "wellness room" run properly. The trainer was the masseure and wasn't available to help us. We couldn't figure it out. So we optd to take our walk outside. The weather changes more quickly here than anywhere I've been. When I awoke, it was snowing. By breakfast, it was raining. By afternoon, when Jennifer and I began our walk, it was sunny, but by the time we got back to the hotel, it had rained and hailed! Good thing I brought the umbrella. Now, if only I'd remember to take it along with me. Little good it does in the suitcase! Hans brought me some sleeping pills from Stenum. I'm wondering if I'll even need them tonight. Got good news that Rolanda, the little gal with scoliosis who'd stayed back in Stenum after fusion of 7 discs, was up and walking around today. I had a very nice "high cream tea" in the hotel rotunda tonight with Barbara and Logan. Cucumber, chicken, salmon and bacon sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries, tea and clotted cream. There were more fancy utensils than I have ever seen. Their menu had tea leaf samples built into wooden boxes for perusal. I was in pig heaven. Unfortuantely, John was only up to working on gingerale when I left, but didn't seem particularly interested in anything more. I motioned to the hotel service maid that our room did not need attention, as my husband had been sick. She indicated she understood, and came back 5 minutes later , surprising me with a plastic rubber bucket. I laughed; so did she, but I took it nonetheless!! John said, "Too late now!!" But, who knows; maybe I'll be needing it next, but I pray not!! Better safe than sorry! He does seem to be on the mend. Right now, he's got Tom Clancy in the hotel room, and they seem to be getting along.

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