Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday began with a bit of a downer. Roz had felt better at the end of the day, enough to give John a tour of the sauna and exercise area at the hotel. The Germans have a different view of modesty than Americans do, and wandering to the sauna in a bathrobe probably isn't going to entice John. They do have a heated pool that he might just take a dip in before he leaves though! This morning Roz was trying to get John's malaise. She didn't go to breakfast, though he did bring back a large cup of coffee. She was in a good enough humor that he knew he had better do something outside of the room. There was a huge wedding that had run until 4:00 AM. The Strang's delightful room normally is quiet but the large celebration, which filled the ballroom with formal wear, was loud enough to make them both a little groggy today. John took off to explore the park on which the Park Hotel sits. He walked the perimeter of the entire park, including several diversions on side trails. Yes, he wandered aimlessly, not lost, but not necessarily knowing which trail to take. He found a coffeehouse overlooking the lake we could both see from the hotel. It's way cooler close up. The trail followed a canal that went around the park.

It had houses along it that were accessed by small bridges across the canal. There were also small piers that were available for boats to use, probably in warmer months.

The canal was crossed by many different bridges, this one dated to 1905. John walked for 2-3 hours, and found several interesting sites along the way. The southern end of the park is a large exercise park. There are measured running trails, gymnastic stops, and many Germans stretching and doing things athletic.

John had enough problems walking without stumbling, and was glad to get back into the more sedate portion. There were still many walkers, bikers, and joggers. John was impressed by the trails, especially the bowers formed by hedges to shade benches along the canal. John eventually was able to work his way back to the hotel to find Roz in a much better state. She took a spin around the cement pond and despite the 30 degree weather was in a good humor. The Strang clan in Germany ended their day with "Men in Black" on the English language channel and Roz, Skyping her dad. All in all, a pretty good day. Tomorrow we are finding the wool shops she tells me.

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Doris said...

Sounds like John is getting his exercise and finding some very interesting places. I hope you have some room in your luggage for your clothes after wool shopping. It would be irrisistable (sp??) to me. Love and prayers.