Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday, November 20th.

My dear friend Sheri has noted that if that this blog is all there is to the story, "we'd all sign up for back surgery and a trip to Germany." She asked about the "tough stuff" that I haven't mentioned. Ah, Sheri, there's truth in what you are saying. A bit of the tough stuff: It is nearly 2am, I can't sleep because I can't find a comfortable position, the oral medication doesn't truly "kill" the pain, and I am weak beyond measure. I fight this, hoping that with activity things will get better - and they do, but not to an acceptable degree yet. I cannot yet walk the halls of this hotel (let alone tour the nearby streets) without assistance. I can go down stairs, but not up. Riding in a taxi hurts. Heck, everything hurts. So I'm up, and then I am down. Then I am up and then I am back down again. True, the process is not as easy as it appears from the blog. John's seen a tad of Germany. I have seen much less. However, I do see this whole trip as a blessing, and I do see wonders from my hotel room, and the recuperation is going well...I think. You should see my scar. But THAT will not be on the blog unless I figure out how to do some "tasteful cropping!" So, yes, please do keep praying. But I am "coming along." And I'm glad I made this trip...although, right at this moment, I'd prefer being back in the hospital bed with Rolf and a needle, than on this flat bed with no morphine. Heh!! But tomorrow, that may change!!

This morning we woke up after a rough night, John went to get coffee for the grumpy princess about 7:30. John came back with a thermos cup of high octane coffee and a promise, "If you come down for breakfast, you will be happy.". She was, the buffet was served in the most glorious room. All sorts of goodies, and the setting was wonderful. This is also where we found our California roomie Jennifer and mom Joyce when we came back from our walk, hence their photo in the shot of the dining room.

Having been rejuvinated by coffee and marmalade, we began a walk towards the train station and supermarkets. (after a call to the clinic for a sleeping pill for tonight) We were very careful on our walk. Roz had to supervise photos, then commandeer the camera since John has no artistic abilities. We rounded the lake and all its statuary, crossed the street, then went to the train station.
We saw all the bikes of commuters in front, and all the bustle of commuters inside. John showed Roz where he got the gyros type sandwich she had for dinner last night, she showed him how to use the German public toilets (WC). Don't get caught without your .50 euro coin!

The intrepid pair continued back to the hotel, with more statues, ducks, and cormorants on the cement pond.
Inside the hotel Roz took many photos of the accommodations. We ran into Jennifer and discussed exercises, sleeping pills, and how to get comfortable in a down comforter.

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sheri said...

Now we know how to pray for you!

: ) Miss you!