Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17th - This is the smiling face of Rolf that greeted me this morning." Guten Morgan, Ross! I'm here to take your blood. "He wiggled two beakers at me... And he did. Man, is he good with a needle!
I got off morphine about 5am, and I feel one whale of a lot better. I got up, got my hair curled, face painted, clothes on, met Ilke, and Malte the international director, went to get x rays, had my first physical therapy session, and then was introduced to some of the newcomers as the "poster child" for Stenum. I'm making a very rapid recovery, and they're all watching me rather skeptically. I think they expect me to fall over any moment. In truth, I am hurting a tad, but hey, that's to be expected because I've gained in height. But at the moment, I'm off painkillers...I think. Ilke asked me if I was ready to go to Bremen and relocate to the Park Hotel, and at first, I thought I was. But as the day has gone on, I think I need an additional day here - just to regulate meds and have access to this wonderful bed, which actually raises my knees. The back is the least of my problems. The incision across my tummy is about 5 inches long. Good bye bikini modeling. Oh boy, oh boy, Rolf just came and told me he was going to remove my spinal epidural. I've been without it since 6am, and although I do need some pain meds, I don't think I need it any more. So hurray!! Another obstacle gone! More later.

And this came later in the day:
Thank you, Robbe! I've never seen such a huge bouquet.
My goodness! We placed it on the spare bed in the middle of the room so both Jennifer and I can get the enjoyment from it. It smells wonderful and it's over 3 ft tall.
It's caused lots of comments.

This afternoon has brought lots of "growing pains." I think I'm about an inch taller from having the two mavericks implanted. I'm incredibly sore, and the ease of the morning jaunts were probably because of residual morphine. This afternoon, I'm not so inclined to movement. BUT! I have walked around the hospital twice, and I will do so again before I go to bed. At least I'm walking!

John took the morning to visit Ganderkesee, a nearby town again. This time he was instructed to take many photos. He got quite a few of the cemetery. It wasn't real old, but full of very neat plots with many people working at cleaning and neatening up the family site. If you notice, there are watering cans hanging at the left for people to use on their plots.

He also got some photos of the local church, it's steeple is a little taller than First Baptist Valdez.

John spent the rest of the day was spent in and out of the clinic, watching Roz work at recovery. She still has the ability to go like crazy. This also leads to her discovery that the slow steady pace is perhaps the wiser. We figure that if she does her exercises, works at resting, adnd takes time for her recovery, she will have time and health to look at the wool shops in Bremen. Perhaps even a train ride to Hamburg!

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Doris said...

Roz - You are looking good and it looks like you are in good hands there. Sounds like there is some serious shopping in your future to meet the needs of your growth spurt.
Love and prayers.