Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today was the first day of the recovery process. John was given permission to post a selected photo from the recovery room. It shows Roz and John immediately after Roz was taken from the operating theater. Today Roz began to come out of the morphine induce haze. The clinic uses a morphine drip, automatically administered through the epidural IV, to manage pain. Tomorrow she will have that removed and begin oral medication for the rest of her recovery. She also continues heparin shots to reduce the possibility of blood clots or thrombosis, especially on the flight home.
John was at the clinic by 6:30, Rolph had said that was when the breakfast would start. Rolph has an early clock. Judy, Jennifer, and Roz were served breakfast around 7:30. Roz and Jennifer were both a little groggy from their morphine, but managed to eat a little. Judy, who left the hospital today, was working on being able to swallow "real" food, a byproduct of her cevical surgery last week. Since Roz was in and out, John went to get breakfast. He checked back in to see "Good hands Hans", the masseuse who loves his antique Mercedes, try to get the "new girls" to stand. They decided to try later as they were both still a little woozy. Imagine that.

John opted for a walk around the three acre wood. On the way to the supermarket, he found the three foot horses were kicking up their heels.

At the supermarket, he got more bread to go with the left over cheese for dinner. He still is a cheap son of a gun. Then he walked around the three acre wood the Stenum Hospital sits beside. He found a trail that went through a section of the wood that was being selectivly logged. The wood had been stacked beside the trail, seemingly in a commercial operation. Following the trail, he found the sign that said private and some other German words, going the direction he was coming from. Another lost foreigner!

John also found full sized horses and cattle on his way back to the clinic. There Roz had made it to her feet and was resting for the afternoon. Later she had the vegetarian dinner, made it on another short walk, and appreciated the morphine, although she is a little itchy from it. John made the rounds of the other Americans, and was back at the hotel around 8:00. Then it was time to attempt another blog entry. Roz really needs to do this, the literary attempts by John are certainly needing assistance.

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Flicka said...

Everything sounds like it is going GREAT!!!!Hope it continues. I want to see John in leiderhosen before the trip is over