Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We had a grumpy morning today, but it got better! Roz's legs (thighs) were hurting. She got to take a shower, do her hair, and get makeup, but the thighs still hurt. Mailte, the international director, came by and explained this was normal. The muscles that run from the abdomen down the thigh have to be pushed aside to get into the thoracic cavity. This causes them to be "distressed", so a certain amount of pain there is to be expected. That and a type of morphine tablet seemed to help her out. Good hands Hans, the masseur, came by with photos of his two classic Mercedes and regaled us with stories of the 31 years he has worked for Stenum Hospital. Quite a guy, and stories we can only repeat in private.
We saw the first of our American contingent leave the hospital today, but he was only a cervical replacement, an easy recovery compared to the lumbar patients. (According to them!) We also had the previous week's contingent show up for a guest appearance, they are getting ready to leave the country. They all had good stories of the Park Hotel, where John and Roz are headed tomorrow, hopefully. We are looking forward to it, there are really neat places to walk to and Good hands Hans makes house calls. Tomorrow should be a busy day, so the blog might be a little short.

We did get a walk to the hotel today, John simply can't be trusted to get the correct makeup.On the way back, we met Linda and Bill, going to visit the church in Ganderkesee, and coerced Bill into taking a photo.

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Doris said...

Roz you do look taler - or maybe John has shrunk since you arrived in Germany. Looks like you have some beautiful country to walk through.