Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25th

We started the day with an early breakfast at 9:30am. Hah! Logan and Barbara had already left for the airport. God bless them. They were a great help and encouraging couple. Then Joyce, Jennifer, John and I were met by Silke, our cab driver, and we were taken to Stenum for our final check-up. It was like old-home week. As we turned the corner from Ganderkesee into Stenum, we all cheered and said how pretty everything was covered in snow. Silke dropped us off at the hospital, and we promised to meet her for dinner next Friday night. She's going to take us into Delmenhorst and we're going to visit a Greek restaurant owned by a friend of hers. In the meantime, Ilke and Malte came out to the taxi to greet us. Although it's only been a week, the nurses were all coming out and giving us hugs, as were the folks who'd just had their disc replaced. There's a comfortable comradere among those who are coming and going. Those of us who've returned give hope to those who have just been "done" and are waiting to feel better. Ilke had me take another x-ray, did some blood work, and I met with Dr. Boch and Dr. Zechler again. Dr. Zechler asked me how I was, and I said "dandy." I asked him if he wanted to see his work. He said, no, he'd already seen it. I said, "It's impressive. The incision is BIG!" His reply was "the bigger the doctor, the bigger the incision." So I guess I'm pretty proud!!!! He showed me the x rays, and everything looks to be in order. I wore my 3 inch heels to dinner last night. Joyce, who's a nurse, had forbidden Jennifer from wearing heels. So I got permission from the doctor, but Joyce had hit up the nurses previously to Jennifer's check up. We had fun with stuff like this throughout the stay at Stenum and Bremen. Jennifer, my younger roommate, and I have had a good-natured competition going on throughout our ordeal. Who was the first to get up? Who was the first to stay up? Who had grown the most? (We both grew about a cm, but then again, neither of us could remember if we'd measured with or without our shoes initially!!) Who'd shopped the most?, yada, yada, yada. But all information was generously shared on both sides, and we really made the most of our trip to Bremen. After we returned to the hotel, with Rolanda and her family, we decided to tour the Schnoor one more time. There's so much there, and we had only scratched the surface.

I discovered another church that fascinated me. Evidently, it's the oldest one in Bremen, going back 800 years.

Tonight, along with Diane, we made our way to the Ratskeller. Sounds pretty much like Rat Celler, doesn't it? But no, it's a pub at the bottom of Town Hall. It's a great place, with great food, and we had a great time.

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Flicka said...

Leave it to John to be surrounded by beautiful women of all ages!!!!