Friday, November 14, 2008

Today was "the day". John got up early and took a walk to Shierbrok to get out of the room while Roz fought off jet lag by sleeping in. He had the nerve to get up and get breakfast AND COFFEE! Roz wasn't amused. We took the carry on with Roz's "essentials" and went to the clinic for the never ending wait. The American contingent was all atwitter, nervous talk and lots of concern hidden not so well. Roz even was able to bully Mailte (the international patient director) into allowing her one cup of coffee, no milk. She got her room and was checked into the quite fashionable gown and mesh underhosen in preparation for the surgery. Yes, she also had a "magic pill" to sedate her prior to the surgery, which didn't use general anasthetic. At about 2:30 PM Stenum time, Rolph came and rolled the princess to the elevator where she was taken to the operating theatre. Each procedure takes at least 2 hours after they hit the elevator. John took that time to walk to the market again and have some bread, cheese, and wine for dinner later. He's so cheap. He got back to the clinic at 4:15, and waited until 6:30 when the loverly Katrina escorted him to the recovery room. Roz was doing so well she requested that her photo was taken, but if you think he is stupid enough to put that on the blog, you are quite mistaken. John was able to contact Ian and Wayne by cell, so she was able to talk to them. All the Americans were in the recovery room and doing well when John left to finish calling Ruth and Duane. He also has been responsible for this post, which obviously shows in its lack of clarity and wit.


sheri said...

Yeah! I'm so gald that things went well today.


sheri said...

Hurry up and get out of bed! You have wool shops to check out, and I want details! Wish I could be there with you to feel the skeins. Oh yeah, how's the back? Love to you and John!

valdezdavie said...

OK! Now on to the fastest recuperation ever!

Love and Genle hugs-----Davie

sheri said...

Hi Roz-

Beth here-Just wanted to say how happy I am that your pain is on it's way out. Your a wonderful person and I miss you alot.

Susan E. said...

Hi Roz and John-
Jane sent me this like so I could keep track of you! I guess I have been bugging her for news about you! So glad that you are doing well. I look forward to more information and news.
Love to you both. Susan E