Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

I have so much to be thankful for today; it's just amazing. God has been merciful, generous, and awesome in his blessing of this trip. Last night was one of "those" nights where overdoing was demanding payment. I think I've pushed myself beyond the limits, and while I've normally either been in a position to just keep pushing on, or throw a tantrum, today, my body just "quit." I've not been sleeping well. I think the drug induced sleep hasn't been restful. We met Joyce and Jennifer in the dining room and right off the bat, they commented on how peculiar it was to celebrate a Thanksgiving without all the preparation. We did, however, join hands and said "thanks to God" for all we'd shared here in Bremen, the healings, the health, and the experiences we've had here. We discussed our plans for the day, and agreed to meet once again later tonight to discuss dinner arrangements.

John and I thought we'd hop down to the Schnoor one more time...there's so much to see. But John took bathroombreak and found me back on the bed, with my coat, hat and purse all ready, but me down for the count. We laughed, and decided that perhaps my Thanksgiving would better spent in a less active fashion. He took off for Schnoor, I left the room to be cleaned, and sat in the lounge knitting a bit. I returned to the room, laid down, and slept until John returned.
I must have needed it, for all I remember is him bringing me a Geman sweet roll, which I was awake enough to consume, and the next thing I remember was the phone call from Joyce setting a time for dinner, for which we're just about to leave. I doubt I'll find the turkey, or the stuffing, or the pumpkin pie. But I know I'll be with people who are equally grateful as I am that the back pain is lessening, that the sleep is increasing, and that the operation is over and now on the healing side. God is good. Happy thanksgiving, all. We love you. Hey, HHES...who won the game???

The last meal in Bremen for Joyce and Jennifer was shared with John and Roz at the Hofbrauhaus Bremen. A great evening of German sausages, beer and weinerschnitzel.

There was live music and live Germans.

The highlight was the dancing, in assorted forms, and the introduction to a couple celebrating their 51st anniversary. All in all, an unforgetable Thanksgiving!

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