Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday , November 16, 2008

Roz’s input:
When Hans the Masseuse came in yesterday (Sat.) morning, he offered to get Jennifer and myself up and walk us to the bathroom. Jennifer decided she didn’t want to, but I did. I stood up, braced myself on a very high padded walker, and the world began to spin. It never settled, so I thought perhaps I’d try later in the day. He said to me, “I’ll be back on Monday, and we’ll try again.” He disappeared after that. But I thought, “to heck with Monday.” I began drinking large amounts of fluids. So everytime a nurse came in after that, I’d have her stand me up, and I’d paddle to the bathroom. The night nurse told me at 5am , “I go away from work at 6am” so you go to sleep!!! No more juice for you!” So I slept until 7am. I was awakened by John’s familiar voice coming from the hall, and I waited to see if he’d come in my room. He didn’t. So I rang the bell, told the nurse I was getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and going to see my hubby. I guess I did it in record time. The nurse kept saying, “Just let me help you!” And I would, but I walked faster than she expected, and after having spent an all-nighter practicing walking to the bathroom, I knew what I was doing. I hustled out to the lobby, but no John. So then I went to the sunroom to see if he was there. He was. I moved my epidural machine along with me, and you should have seen his grin! It was worth it. We went for a walk, and I pulled my epidural machine along with me.

By mid morning, I was feeling really good. I asked for one of the elastic supports belts, because I have a doozey of a cold and coughing hurts the incision, and also to have some itch medicine. The morphine doesn’t totally agree with me. I itch with it. So a doctor was sent in with some itch medicine, but the nurse said that “Usually paitents lie in bed for 2 to 3 days. You are up first day. You too fit.!” (Hah! First time I’ve ever heard that!). We not expecting this. We are not ready for the belt yet. Doctor bring that on Monday!” But she told me she’d send Dr. Gellert, the anesthesiologist to turn down the epidural meds, which he lowered shortly afterwards. I’m now feeling the results of that, but it’s not unbearable. Just feels as it has normaly…sore and achey.

Jennifer, my 33 yr old roommate wasn’t up on her feet as quickly as I. She took a bit longer, but this afternoon she came out and went “Nyah Nyah, Nyah…..” She’d had a bowel movement. Walking, peeing and BM’s are the talk of the day. I haven’ had one yet. I don’t know that I’ve had enough to eat to produce anything, but a laxative has been promised for this evening. Oh, yippee. It’ll probably come with the heparin shot. The intimate talk comes with the territory, I guess. I can't imagine sharing that publicly back home. But's just all part of the ambience.

Our room is very noisey and busy with visitors and or family. John took a bike into Ganderkesee today, and rode all over the place. But he was tired and went home to the hotel for a bit of a rest. So right now, I think I’ll take one too. Love you all.

John here. I did take a two hour bike ride. The only thing I really remember was a group of Croatians pointing and shouting, "It's, hair too long and rides too slow." I saw lots of countryside, but by the time I made it back, I saw a donkey in a field. I thought I needed a photo for Mel, so she would know other nationalities have silly hobbies as well. Roz is doing well except she is in getting grumpy. That means she's healing so I'm happy to see it! There are all sorts in the American ward. They are all healing at their own rates, from the cervical replacement who went to dinner with his wife tonight to the little girl with seven fused discs to repair severe scoliosis and hasn't been back from the ICU yet. We are all covered in prayer and doing well. I am beginning to work at washing underhosen and sweaty shirts (from long bike rides) in the sink. Now if I can just work on the drying process!


Flicka said...

You look too good to have had disc replacement just a day ago- keep up the good work, but DO NOT overdo.

sheri said...


You are amazing! We are all rooting for you to heal quickly, but I think you need to "milk" this healing process a bit. There could be some great benefits in putting your feet up for a few days while John attends to your every need.
: )

We love you!