Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, Nov. 29th

We've had a quiet day today. We had a late breakfast, and didn't see anybody we knew during it, which was a tad strange. We're missing Joyce and Jennifer. We made a couple of "attempts" at deciding what to do, but it was raining, and nothing seemed quite right. We've spent quite a bit of time in the City Center, and Roz had spent quite a bit of time "up" the night before, so there wasn't a lot of push to "get a move on!"

We started by photographing the tree the Park Hotel put up in their lobby. We'd spent quite a bit of time in the City Center recently. So a lot of shopping didn't hold much appeal. We finally decided to go the other direction. We walked the lower portion of the Burgerpark. It was a day for Valdezians, cool and rainy. We saw storks, ducks of all varieties, and a couple we couldn't identify. We crossed ornate bridges, saw several monuments, and debated on the meaning of all we encountered, but were too lazy to look up. The perpetual grooming of the park is quite evident. The paths are either rolled or brushed free of debris, and no evidence of pets other than those on their leashes and sporting their doggie coats, towing their masters at a rate intended to increase their circulation.

Roz was interested in the children's playgrounds strewn about the park. There was a large wooden train at this one, along with a child's version of a road roller. The sign for playground is a yellow safety rectangle with a red silhouette of lady with a small child in tow. At first we were stumped, but then it became quite evident. We stopped for a cup of coffee at the coffeehouse in the park. It's a quite nice restaurant, but we only stopped for coffee. Appropriately warmed and caffeinated, we continued our walk through the rain. Arriving back at the hotel, we watched "Popeye" on the English channel and sent out John for a salad and sandwich. All in all, a nice quiet day.

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